Thursday, April 2, 2009

happy freaking april fools' day

Here's our meal that ended up being ever so British in nature. It started with the Rhubarb Fool, and sort of became sentient and started feeding itself.

Toad in the Hole--not toads, but sausages in basically Yorkshire Pudding. April Fool! Not as poofy and crispety and browned on the top as I wanted, but I was cooking from an English cookbook, and their measurements are always off for Utah.

Sauteed cabbage, which looks terrible and tastes scrumptious. April Fool!

Carrot coins, which are not real money. April Fool!

Grubs on a Log, which is golden raisins on peanut butter and celery. April Fool!

Rhubarb Fool, which is whipped cream with rhubarb jam swirled into it. I added a little bit of vanilla yogurt to make myself feel better, but I can't imagine it really helped. April Fool!

The Hulk hated the Toad in the Hole, even though he composed a song about his love for it when he was two. John and Superman and Pinga and I ate the cabbage. I brought out the Rhubarb Fool and everyone except Pinga pronounced it meh.

Lousy ingrates.

In case you were wondering, it is not okay to call sandwiches "sammies."


tipsybaker said...

The toad-in-the-hole looks scary enough for Halloween. What British cookbook?
Have you ever made clotted cream?

Layne said...

It's called "The Great British Cookbook" by Hilaire Walden. Elizabeth David she ain't, but this book is thoroughly British. All kids of quaint names for horrid-looking dishes. But I'm a sucker for British soul food.

I've never made clotted cream, but I've eaten it from a can. There's a recipe for it in Ricki Carroll's book--maybe I'll try it.