Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I forgot that skirts typically don't have chapstick storage

I'm probably going to start hiring out as a sighthound, and whatever kind of hound can hear really well, because I heard some kittens mewling off in the distance the other day, and, following the sound, found this little cat nest on our ditchbank, which seems like a pretty stupid place to put your babies if you're a swimming-averse mammal, but what do I know?
We went and looked at the babies, but didn't pick them up, since we didn't want our foul, soap-washed human scent to get all over their nice, spit-shined fur and make the mom abandon them. The next day they were gone, so the mom must have been irritated that we were not taken in by her pathetic ruse. I'm a little sad, because that gray tabby is cute, and Skiver is NOT pulling his weight lately. I'll console myself by imagining that the kitten would have been one of those grody longhaired cats, even though he's clearly a shorthair.

If anyone within driving distance of my house would like to come to a Don Aslett presentation with me tonight, you are welcome. It's free of charge and the message is "Get Off the Excess Express," which seems to mesh well with my personal mission statement of Chucking It.

My garden is doing SO AWESOME. Qualifier: for me. My track record, as you know, is spotty at best. It's that follow-through, you guys! It gets me every time. Here are some pictures:

Tomatoes, which are thriving! The two super-vigorous ones in the front are purchased Brandywines, which I bought along with some hybrids to hedge my bets in case disaster strikes mine.

Eggplants, which are healthy, but not like the tomatoes. Does anyone know if eggplants keep growing taller and taller like tomatoes do? I'm trying to decide which of them to put in the whisky barrels next to my steps. Do eggplants need staking? I could look it up, but that would require pushing Ctrl+T, and I'm hoping somebody smart will just tell me.

Two rows of peas in the back (Tall Telephone and Sugar Ann), then an unsprouted row of St. Valery carrots (carrots--you had better freaking be cool about this), then a row of German Giant radishes, then a row of Purple of Sicily cauliflower, then two unsprouted rows of beets (Golden and Chioggia).

Also? Also? The whole lawn is mowed, which is freakishly on the ball for us. Things I have learned: We need a second lawnmower so we can tag-team it, and I am going to be plopping some raised beds all over the place, because there is nonsensically too much grass, and much of it is unhealthy. This is why I always give up on yard work. We're not the Rothschilds, GOSH!

And now I have to go because I just received a perishable package from Beehive Cheese that I cannot wait another second to open. And I need to go check on the Quark.


tipsybaker said...

Your tomatoes look like mine. I put a few in the ground last weekend as a test -- really early, but it's been CRAZY HOT. In the 90s all week.
Don't know about eggplants. My eggplant seedlings are pathetic.

Sarah said...

Look, look at your amazing plants! I'm totally impressed.

All8 said...

Okay I preface this with the fact that I have only grown eggplant once and 3 of the 4 plants were Rosa Bianca.

Eggplants can be anywhere from 1'-8' tall, depending upon variety. Most eggplants will need a support. I used one 4' stick of rebar per plant. It worked wunderbar.

After I seed and water my carrots I place a board (1"x4" or 1"x6") over them to help maintain constant moisture. Damp but not soaking. You'll need to check for sprouting, and if even just one is sprouting then I remove the boards. Works for me every time.

All8 said...

Oh, the Rosa Bianca and the other variety (which stank so much that I have forgotten it's name because I will never grow that kind of lameness again) were all about 4' tall. All of them kind of branched off at the top so it really didn't need to be staked all of the way up.

Eggplants love hot and like tomatoes enjoy consistent moisture. I only have raised beds and they just went gangbusters. Like I said, there was so many fruits that I was giving it away like it was summer squash. (I thought at the time that you couldn't really do anything with it but use it fresh.) This year I plan on freezing the extra.


Your plants look great...I already killed our giant pumpkins to much water...we had 7 little kittens mom dead so I have been nursing them for 4 weeks now, they will be 7 weeks this Fri. I had know idea you could buy kitten formula but you can! these kittens have cost us an arm and a leg, 2 died but the smallest has lived so far we sure have enjoyed fun