Thursday, April 2, 2009

little questions

Why do strawberries smell like garbage and poopy diapers?


Sarah said...

This is some kinda crazy ironic, 'cause I just threw away some old strawberries along with two poopy diapers and thought the same thing. I'll tell you what, that is one sta-anky garbage.

Scott R. said...

This is some kinda really crazy ironic. All week as we dipped into our tupperware full of strawberries I lamented at how much it smelled like garbage.

But things that smell good are your bars of soap! Let me take this opportunity to thank you. My package of fine hand-made soap finally arrived via Jill about 3 weeks ago. It was opened amidst a group of relatives. We passed around each bar, one by one, oohing and ahhing all the while. The lavendar is now gone. Loved it. The oatmeal and spice is running low, which has me down. I really love that one. I think I'll try citrus next. I'm really glad I won the prize. Although now my husband thinks that for sure I should make our own soap. He's even mentioned moving to (insert your town) and buying goats. That's some pretty inspiring soap. Thanks again. Jill's sister Sarah

Layne said...

Yay! I'm so happy you like it. It's not pretty soap, but it smells nice and I like it.