Friday, April 24, 2009

of elementary particles

Here is what I'm having for second breakfast this morning.
I call it Quarkenberry. And it is good. Quark is an interesting soft cheese. It looks and feels like yogurt, but it is milder, and instead of the sour tang of yogurt it has a fizzy taste, which makes it a fun change. It's sort of like creme fraiche, but milder even than that. Throw a dash of sugar in there, pour it over some berries, and it is heavenly. Listen to me! HEAVENLY. I think mine was a lot wetter than normal, because my pan isn't deep enough for all the whey to drain off, but I can't say I'm sad about it. It may also be that my buttermilk starter was a little past its prime, and that's why this ended up so mild, but again: not sorry. I could drink it straight from the jar. Here's a recipe, the results for which I cannot vouch, but it doesn't require you to buy any starter cultures.

Do you sort of hate Belle in Beauty and the Beast? Boy, I sure do. What a twit, and my word! What a God complex she has! That ridiculous song where she's bagging on their village, and the villagers are going on and on about how beautiful and strange and special she is? Pffft. She ain't no thing. And they need to stop enabling her. Wow. She can read. Katie bar the door!