Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oh man, I can't believe we spaced on the date!

Forgive me, gentle readers. I was making myself rather merry on Friday night (it was a pretty wild night--let me just say that my marshmallow was toasted to perfection) and plumb forgot that Saturday was supposed to be the Baba Capra Giveaway!

So, in honor of the second anniversary of this blog a few days ago, we'll have another soap giveaway. Good sudsy fun.

To enter, comment on this post. Participants must be 18 or older to enter. Husbands and wives can enter separately. And if you're unsure, read this testimonial from a satisfied customer (read: previous winner):

"But things that smell good are your bars of soap! Let me take this opportunity to thank you. My package of fine hand-made soap finally arrived via Jill about 3 weeks ago. It was opened amidst a group of relatives. We passed around each bar, one by one, oohing and ahhing all the while. The lavender is now gone. Loved it. The oatmeal and spice is running low, which has me down. I really love that one. I think I'll try citrus next. I'm really glad I won the prize. Although now my husband thinks that for sure I should make our own soap. He's even mentioned moving to (insert your town) and buying goats. That's some pretty inspiring soap. Thanks again."

Forgive me for the self-pimping, but see what I mean? Soap is good for you, and your marriage, prolly. And I don't promise that it will be pretty, but it will get you clean.


tipsybaker said...

I think you might like this USA Today story:

Matt and Emily said...

Here is my comment. I want in!


I want in's my lucky day...I hope

amy greenway said...

With my head lowered I'm coming out of lurking status. I clicked here long ago from a link in one of Heidi's posts and I've been a follower since because you crack me up and amaze me. I'm also an old friend of John's from North Logan. Tell him "hey!" from Amy Cantwell.

Anyway, you really don't have to send me soap but when you made it you said you would give more info later and I've been dreaming of yummy soap ever since. Soap isn't supposed to make a person salivate and I am, so please post more info.

I'll now go back into hiding. Oh, one more thing...remember barfing Cindy? She's from my home ward and all reports are that she is thriving in life. Maybe public barfing is good for a person? :)

All8 said...

Count me in too, except I'm coming out there so no need to mail it, unless you really want to, but I'll hold your jam hostage. ;)

Courtney said...

I'm probably too late - but we're all real real dirty and could use some free soap. (PS - we're finally moving BACK into our house at the end of this month - so maybe you could just hand-deliver it and make good on your promise to visit!)

richvm said...

Rough...and dirty. Needun us some soap please.