Saturday, April 25, 2009

some thoughts

  1. my mental state is not optimal
  2. my children are not really safe with me
  3. or were not, until I made some Irish oatmeal
  4. we are all thankful for Irish oatmeal


Matt and Emily said...

Wow, this Irish Oatmeal sounds magical- what's in it?

All8 said...

I love oatmeal, especially when it's in cookies, with chocolate chips. Haven't bought Irish oatmeal for awhile, maybe it can magic up some kind of goodwill in our house too....

Layne said...

Emily--Irish oatmeal is just oats, but cut instead of rolled. You can find it at Lee's, because that's where I bought my last package. It's slightly chewy and the best oatmeal ever.

All8--I forgot to thank you for all the plant advice. I'm thinking maybe the eggplants will work in the whiskey barrels next to my steps.

Jill said...

Aren't we glad our kids have angels looking out for them? If it were all up to me, my kids would be long gone by now! Lol I can barely care for myself let alone four little children. :-) Maybe Irish Oatmeal is the key.

All8 said...

I think that the eggplants in planters by your steps would be beautiful. What varieties are you growing? I love Rosa Bianca.

Sent you an email. Hope to see you sometime this coming week. (Woo hoo, I'm so excited.)