Friday, April 3, 2009

swear all you want, we'll make more

I am running low on soap, and all I have left is the rash-inducing cinnamon. Except I have been acting as my own guinea pig and washing with it anyway, and so far no rash. I was a little apprehensive about it, but we all know waste is a sin, and someone had to use that soap. I've even been washing twice or thrice in the more sensitive areas like my face, and nothing. Not even hives.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the earlier steps in the process. I'll do a complete tutorial next time, because it really is very easy and you end up with a much better product, even if you do lazy hot process soap like I do. Who has three weeks to wait to take a bath? I'm a busy lady!

This is when the soap has been cooking for about ten minutes. It will still burn your nose hairs.

Once the soap looks and feels like Vaseline you can add the fragrance and any other inclusions. This batch has tangelo peels for an exfoliant.

Here it is cut into bars after it has cured for about an hour. I overcooked it this time--I blame the goat milk--so it was a lot more crumbly and I ended up with some realrealugly soap.

After the soap has cured for another day I get a vegetable peeler and smooth it out a little, then it's ready to use.

I feel bad that Major Tom got Space Madness. Such a tragedy. I bet if we had made First Contact by that point, Spock could have talked him off the ledge.