Monday, May 11, 2009

cat poop is not a great compost ingredient

Did you know that it's really hard to see the screen of a laptop when it's a sunny day and you're sitting on the bridge that crosses the ditch behind your house?

I'm giving the goats a little love today and have let them out to graze on the fresh grass and alfalfa. Of course I have to watch them carefully (hence the bridge-laptop combo) and put them back after a short time, because otherwise dead-dead-deadski. They are like pigs in slop and I am now reconsidering my decision to not have a Border Collie. If I can get Traci in, then Catwoman will follow, but Traci always walks just a little bit faster than you--not fast enough to give you the satisfaction of making her run, but fast enough that you can't catch her. Have I mentioned that I didn't name her? Because I think Traci is a ridiculous name for a goat. Catwoman, Tenacious D, Captain Stubing, Dame Edna . . . now those are goat names.

It seems that everyone agrees that a variety of eggplant is in order. And I concur, so that's nice. Because otherwise I'd just do what I want, and you'd lose your faith in the process and resent your disenfranchisement. And I don't want to crush your gentle spirits.

We've decided not to go to Italy, which is a real blow. We only have so much funding for our Big Purchases 2009 project, and it seems that the government is sort of territorial about who prints money. Stupid counterfeiting laws. It just seems irresponsible for us to blow it all on a trip when there are so many other things we need to buy, like, for example, a hay shelter to keep our goats' groceries from turning into a giant compost pile.

Garden status:
peas--up and recovering from their deer-induced trim
carrots--freaking carrots are still being lazy bums
cauliflower--thriving and beautiful enough to be an ornamental, with deep purpley-green leaves
beets--perhaps sprouting, but certainly not as far along as I was hoping
onions--no sign of them
potatoes--likewise, but I just put them in last week, so . . .
tomatoes--growing like bindweed and outside right now getting hardened off
eggplant--out with tomatoes
peppers--with tomatoes and eggplant
squash--going in this week
cucumbers--also this week
beans--yep, these too

Can I say again how impressed I am with the seeds I got from Baker Creek? My tomatoes especially are incredible, and since they're almost the entire reason I grow a garden at all that's pretty good. There have been some iffy ones--the Gambo peppers will live in infamy--that didn't do as well, but so far my results have been very encouraging. And I think it will make me more invested in the long-term health of my plants, since I've grown them all from seed.

Oh, snap! I just got an idea! Since I'm putting Cat Poop Deterrent Pots in the strip of dirt next to the driveway, I can plant some of my beans in the pots and have them climb some stakes! It will be so pretty, you guys! They are called Dragon Tongue, and I'm like, sooo excited to try them. Additionally, I'm excited to not have the smell of cat poop wafting through my dining room windows.

This day is absolute perfection. It's this exact kind of day that Pandora ruined with her lousy curiosity.