Saturday, May 2, 2009

the demon sugar

Here's an article on Slate about corn syrup that I thought was very interesting. I don't buy the idea that agave nectar is worse for you than corn syrup, if only for the reason that I've long since stopped paying attention to what science says I should be eating. They're continually doing new studies that entirely refute the findings of previous studies, so it's best just to ignore them. My approach is that the more minimally something is processed to become food, the better I like it. Honey is obviously the best choice in this regard, but it has such a strong taste that it can't be used in all applications.

I think it's worth a read, if only for the reminder that sugar is sugar, and no matter where it comes from you need to practice moderation. And that the most real and satisfying version of any food is the one you should be eating.


highdeekay said...

Interesting article. No doubt about it, sugar (in any form) is notsogoodferya. My issue with the article is that in all of the comparisons (like nectar vs. HFCS) he doesn't really compare what else is in the substance. Sure, perhaps there is more or equal fructose but in a coke that is it, everything else is empty whereas in nectar or fruits or any of the less-processed foods you are getting all kinds of good stuff along with the fructose. You gotta take the whole.

I think you summed it up well in reminding us (and I need the reminder) that less processed and less sweet is better.

And with that, I'll go take my chocolate chip cookies out of the oven (I did use honey and whole wheat flour! and LOTS of chocolate chips...)

Matt and Emily said...

Interesting article- I hadn't seen some of those crazy commercials about how healthy HFCS is- whoah. Do you guys use real maple syrup instead of the flavored sugar water?

Layne said...

My family hates real maple syrup, so I cut it with half sugar water. Gradually I'm increasing the amount so they can get used to it. You know, like when you wean a calf!