Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here's the status of the Baba Capra vegetable garden: ROCKING SO HARD. I have embarrassingly low standards, though, so you may not agree with me. My mom's garden is like Thea Kronberg to my Phoebe Buffay, but baby steps, right?

The tiny little nubbins at the bottom are basil, the trophy wife of the garden. You can also see the big clumps of spinach. I am quite happy with my decision to co-opt some of the flower garden space for salad greens. Next year I'm adding Swiss chard to the mix.

See the cute mesclun?

I think my lupine is really beautiful this year.

Nasturtiums with Ebony King.

Nasturtiums with Blush. Not so much with the vigorous.

These are my bean pots, with some thyme and scented geranium in there too.

They are Christmas pole lima beans.

Here are the firstfruits of my Shepody potatoes. Don't mind the weeds--this is my crappiest garden.

Here are my Dragon Tongue beans just coming up. Have you seen what happens with beans? It's like watching time-lapse. One minute they're barely poking up, then BOOM! They're all leafed out. It's like McBroom's fabulous one-acre farm up in here.

My melon-in-a-bucket experiment.

The cucumbers are starting to come up.

This is what the main garden space looks like. Tomatoes, beans, peppers, beets, cauliflower, radishes, peas, and in the back underneath the black plastic are all my cucurbits.

It's not setting the world on fire or anything, but anyone who has seen my "garden" for the past five or six years has got to admit that it's an improvement. I blame the goats. Who, by the way, are sick right now. Traci seems to have gotten over the worst of it, but Catwoman is still sulking and refuses to eat. I just scheduled her kill date, which is the 17th of June. It should be enough time for us to get her all healthy again (except for the bulldog legs), since we don't want to eat a goat that's under the weather. It may work for wolves to pick off the sick and weak, but my opposable thumbs have a little something to say about that.


tipsybaker said...

Your garden intimidates me. I'm wondering why the nursery sold me such puny sticks for the beans when yours about twice as long. Some of my beans have already reached the tops of their "teepees" and now have nowhere to go. I've never grown beans before, except favas.

Matt and Emily said...

Wow! I can't believe how big your tomatoes & cauliflower are already! And your lupine is really beautiful.

All8 said...

Your garden looks beautiful! You're doing great.

Sarah said...

So impressed! It all looks good enough to eat...obviously. Seriously, I have to come over just to see it with my own two eyes.