Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'd better learn how to scald and pluck

What happened yesterday is that Billy at the feed store has reached his saturation point for chick tolerance, and was very anxious to get rid of all of them. He has on his records that I ordered seven, which I can see myself doing, but he just started eagerly plopping them all into my box, reserving only six Black Spanish chicks and some random yellow chicks that were packed in there for warmth. He's a hard man to say no to, so I got some of the warmers, too, which will probably just be boring Leghorns. I ended up with my Columbian Rocks, Australorps, Ameraucanas, a Black Sex Link and I suspect some of the Black Spanish. So now that I have 21 chickens I have some options:

1. Expand the chicken coop and run.
2. Give some of the birds away.
3. Eat the extras.

I would most like to do a remodel, but it's the least likely of all the options. Because when it comes to shove, I'd rather take a vacation. Because pretty much I'm reaching DEFCON 1 around here. So there, chicks! You are low man on the totem pole!