Monday, May 11, 2009

major life decision

I need your help, gentle readers. You know how I'm putting eggplant in my whiskey barrels next to my front steps? Umm. Are you sure you don't remember talking about that? Because I remember. Well, I'm sorry that our conversation apparently meant SO LITTLE to you. I guess I'm the only one who prints up all of our correspondence and keeps it in a three-ring binder embellished with fancy paper, stamps and decorative brads. I keep it under my bed next to that preserved human head. But I guess I'm just a lot more invested in this relationship than you.

Anyway, the two varieties of eggplant I grew are Ebony King and Blush. Blush is a pinky-white looking one, and Ebony King is big and black. Duh. So, should I plant one of each, or have some symmetry and plant the same variety in both barrels?


All8 said...

Will both varieties be the same height at maturity? I'd plant both barrels with a different variety than the other. But I'm partial to the blushed eggplants, they're so pretty, but I'm sure that the black ones will be too. So, my advice is, do whatever you want. It's food and all food is beautiful.

Are you going to plant anything else in the barrels too, such as short flowers as ground cover or even something to hang over the sides or both? If you plant different varieties then I'd plant similar flowers or colors in each barrel to help tie it together. Okay that's probably all confusing but there it is.

tipsybaker said...

one of each. easy.

Layne said...

I was thinking either basil (boring) or nasturtiums. Prolly nasturtiums because they're so beautiful.

All8 said...

If you use nasturtiums, I would refrain from using anything that was too viney, because they can get rather large, but there are lots of bushy varieties out there. Sounds like a beautiful contrast.

You could try a creeping thyme, if you wanted to do herbs. A Kent Beauty Oregano would echo the colors of the blushing eggplant fruit too.

BamDaddy said...

The artist in me wants harmony and variety - some (one?) of each in both barrels. You get balance and richness in color.