Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my pidgin german makes me laugh

I was just eating my sauteed cabbage, and it got me to thinking. It's such a pity that I've never served this to anyone outside of my immediate family, but I'd be too ashamed to do it. It looks straight from the Gallery of Regrettable Food, all wilty and brownish looking. But heaven help me, I love it to pieces. It is amazing comfort food, like Irish oatmeal and tomato sandwiches, but much less photogenic. So I'm going to start a new category of foodstuffs called Unschoenlecker. In my made-up language of Frankengerman it means Ugly Delicious.

What's in your unschoenlecker? To qualify it must be hideous, but taste so incredible that you don't care.


Justine said...

ok, this one is borderline, because though it is very hideous, and in my opinion very delicious, i'm not sure it's delicious for everyone- and maybe only delicious to me because i started eating it in high school, when i wasn't very discerning, and it just stuck. But it came right to mind so that's worth something. It's cottage cheese mixed with packaged taco seasoning mix, used as a dip for Cool-Ranch flavored Doritos.

Layne said...

I bet that WOULD be unsightly! That's what I'm talking about. Being a recovering Cool Ranch addict myself, I'm guessing that the breath afterwards is really something.

Jill said...

I think EVERYTHING I make could fall under the "Unschoenlecker" catagory. I have never been gifted in the "presentation" department.

I set my table with forks, spoons and blindfolds.

PS I think I would love your sauteed cabbage. I wrap my pork ribs in cabbage when I bake them because it makes the meat so tender, but then I's slurrp down that cabbage like it's green jello baby!

tipsybaker said...

My ugly food would be my usual breakfast, which is Grape Nuts and orange juice together in a bowl. People think it's grotesque. But no way that can compete with the Doritos/cottage cheese horror show.

Layne said...

Holy crap, Tipsy. Surely you're kidding? Because I think you might win this thing.