Friday, May 8, 2009

our quirks are what separate us from the machines

Let's have a sharing time, shall we? Because I can't find my camera and it's making me sad. And I like hearing about all the weird things people do. I'll go first.

I get agitated by tangled phone cords. Hey, remember phone cords? Those things from the time when our president was having intimate relations with that woman, instead of giving the helm to the Star Chamber people and letting them turn us into the Eloi? Good times. Anyhoodle, I was always untangling phone cords, obsessively so. I would make the circuit every time we visited my in-laws, and straighten all the phone cords. Maybe it was a physical indicator of my desire to bring order to my life. Rookie mistake--I've long since given up on that dream. For Christmas one year my brother-in-law Daniel had my name in the gift exchange, and he gave me a big, long, hideously jacked-up phone cord. I may be remembering this incorrectly, but I think he may have even gone through the cord and made it even worse than it naturally was.

But that could be wrong, because my memory is notoriously spotty and inventive. When we were dating I told John the story I believed absolutely about the cows in our pasture backing up to the pole fence and shooting poop far enough to hit our house, which would be such a great story if it had only been true.

So, what are some of the weird things you do? Try to keep it PG, since my little sister sometimes reads this blog. In addition to untangling phone cords, I have until recently (when I forced myself to stop, at great cost to my mental well-being) checked swimming pools for sharks before I got in. Especially when there are lanes on the floor of the pool, because a hammerhead shark could totally hide there, no one the wiser, until I get in and WHAM! I'm a dead woman. They have that counter-shading, you guys! My activities in lakes and oceans are pretty much restricted to wading, if you were wondering.

Your turn!


highdeekay said...

I think toe nails are disgusting. You are so lucky to keep losing yours (ok, not really) but I think it is absolutely gross to see long toe nails even if they are painted. Maybe especially if they are painted. Yuck! I keep my toe nails short (not bloody, but short).

Oh, and I must remove the little membrane (the suspension membrane) from eggs. I'm religious about this! I call it the "umbilical cord" even though I know that isn't what it is at all. Still, it just grosses me out to find it in something I've cooked and so it gets removed.

tipsybaker said...

I don't like the ocean. At all. It's not a phobia, it's a completely rational aversion. The ocean is this giant, heaving body of water that wants to swallow you up, and it's filled with weird creatures, including, of course, the dread hammerhead shark. Relax on the beach? I just don't get it and avoid it whenever possible. Beaches and chocolate. . . what gives? Whole world is crazy.
Rivers and lakes -- those I love. And lavender soap!

All8 said...

Your lovely lemon soap came today. Thank you so much! Can't wait to give it a try.

Jill said...

I somehow missed this post...otherwise I would have commented LONG ago, for there are so many strange things to share! I 'll just choose one.

I have mentioned this in one of my posts..but If I ever have a chance to play tetris, I always do commentation..(in my head), "Boy Bob, how is Jill going to work her way out of this one?" or " She is on fire today! Only a seasoned player such as Jill could have pulled off a move like that one!"

Are you still my friend? :-)

All8 said...

Hmmm.... there are so many. If I drive into a parking lot divided by the entrance, I always have to park on the left side. (Left as when I'm driving in.) Actually, I think I always park on the left.

I dislike answering the phone. (Unless you're Layne.) So, I guess I should say, I dislike talking on the phone, but if I get started, watch out. ;D