Friday, May 15, 2009

remember that lecture about chucking it?

Well, I've reached an impasse. I've been going through my schedule, and I can't find anything that I feel good about chucking. Because the thing I do that I hate the most (hey, it's Scouts, what a surprise!) is something that only requires an hour a week, except for Pack Meeting days when it takes at least two, not to mention the emotional trauma visited upon me by the inane cheers and Native American symbolism. And it kind of makes me feel scummy to ask to be released from a calling that only takes up a tiny percentage of my week, and doesn't actually interfere with getting any of my important stuff done. Plus the whole molding young minds and turning boys into good stewards of blah blah blah. I guess I'll keep slogging through. Stupid Scouting program.

Or there's piano, which I'm taking off for the summer anyway, so no big. Mowing the lawn is a headache, but if I don't do it, my parents get all flustered and my DAD who has MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS comes and MOWS MY LAWN FOR ME. I think the better way around that is getting another lawn mower so John and I can tag-team it. Because I do like mown grass. I'd just rather be in the garden.

Speaking of which, I gots to jet. I'm off to buy some coir to put in my pots, and some bamboo poles for my beans to climb. It's gonna be AWESOME!

I wish I could find my camera. It's a real drag not knowing where it is. And it doesn't exactly lend the air of authority to the lectures I give my children about putting their things away.


tipsybaker said...

Oh, piano lesson. Every week as it comes around I want to post something on Facebook about how much I dread it, then remember the piano teacher friended me. It would improve my life immeasurably to quit, but then I would be admitting something I don't want to admit.