Thursday, May 28, 2009

so far I'm not drowning, but I'm getting close

Today's News:
1. A couple of days ago one of the Ameraucanas had a pasted-up bunghole that I had to deal with. It looked like we might lose her, but now she's acting much more spry.
2. I definitely have some White Faced Black Spanish in the mix. Not super excited about that.
3. Our chicken coop is in serious need of cleaning, and I don't know when I'm supposed to do THAT before Travis Sorenson Day.
4. Because there's also the small matter of straightening the patio and cleaning the house like a proper hostess--a little something we like to call Shame Hiding.
5. We have a new freezer arriving today.
6. Unless it doesn't, because it turns out that unless I can learn to shift atoms with my mind, the freezer is too big and won't fit into the fruit room.
7. So I have to call Sears to exchange it and hope they can still get one here today.
8. Because the side of beef we ordered and didn't expect until June is already cut up and turned into white packages, to be picked up today.
9. But I have great things in store for the fruit room, including new metal shelving for all the food, and a range to be moved in for the times when I need an extra oven (weekly, if not more).
10. For some reason I can't make the no-knead bread anymore and it's killing me! It keeps not being all bubbly inside. I hate everyone.
11. Also Superman has his preschool program tonight at 6:00.
12. So I have to make bread today to give a loaf to his terrific teacher who is getting out of the preschool business, and therefore won't be available to bring Pinga up in the way she should go. SAD.
13. And Pack Meeting is at 6:30. DEATH TO SCOUTING.


Sarah said...

I'm tired just reading 'bout it. After unpacking until 12:30 this morning, I've declared today my "Nothing Day." And so, one child is sleeping and the other is watching a movie. 'Cause I'm a good mom, if you're wondering.

tipsybaker said...

What is Travis Sorenson Day?

Layne said...

It's a made-up holiday my family celebrates to be weird. John has a friend named Travis Sorenson who has always remembered his birthday, and John has never reciprocated. So we decided to be brats and create a holiday in his honor.