Sunday, May 17, 2009

what a dissonant day

It's a pity on such a sublimely beautiful day that everything I made turned out awful awful awful. I made Bittman's recipe for cream puffs and they bombed, and for some reason the no-knead bread was a travesty as well. So now I'm mad and I hate everyone.

*Edit: I was just toodling around on the interwebs, and found a great tip on the Pioneer Woman's site from her guest poster. I love Monkey Bread, but it takes forEVER to cut all the little nubbins, dip them in butter, roll them in cinnamon sugar, rinse repeat for the rest of eternity. Well, I am a total doofus! Because what this Pastor Ryan fellow does is dump all the little biscuit dough nubbins into a plastic bag full of cinnamon sugar, shake them around, and dump them into the pan. Then he melts butter and brown sugar together to make the sauce, and glorifies it as a pour-on! That's Gallery of Regrettable Food talk again. Anyway, here's his recipe, which I am going to try this week. You can of course make your own dang biscuit dough in about the same amount of time it takes you to steel your nerves up to open one of those exploding biscuit cans. It's like smashing a June bug--I can't take part in it. They give me the willies.


Amy said...

Rolling the monkey bread tidbits in butter and cinnamon and sugar is one of the primary reasons I had children -- so I could delegate the task to them.