Monday, June 8, 2009

every time it rains, it rains more water to ruin our hay

Do you want to hear something awesome? (For "awesome" read "aneurism-inducing".) This is what our hay looks like--the same hay that looked so beautiful last week. I'm not sure how to quantify the most recent dumping, whether it counts as three separate gully-washers, or as one catastrophic weather event spread out over three days.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. It's great for our garden, which has exploded, and it's the only thing keeping our wretched lawn alive, since our sprinklers are broken again and we can't get Checketts Landscaping to return our calls. BOO.

Yum. You can see that our goats would be all over this like stink on a monkey.

Speaking of monkeys, I made that monkey bread I told you about, and it's so much easier than the standard variety. Never again will I do that stupid dip-and-roll technique. And like I said, you can make your own biscuits, roll them out, and cut them into small squares with a pizza cutter in less than the time it takes to open one of the exploding cans, peel apart all the biscuits, lay them out, cut them into quarters . . . bleh! Screw that noise. I'd much rather control my ingredients.

All it needs is a shot of ranch dressing and it would be fine. What really burns me is that it was supposed to get baled on Saturday afternoon, but the man who was supposed to do it just . . . didn't get to it, somehow. The guy who's running it for us this year was heap peeved and is buying his own equipment to make sure it never happens again.

But my garden is very, very happy. So is the bindweed, of course, but we're dealing with that. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to pull out a big, gnarly root of bindweed and throw it in the garbage. Also I've never grown cauliflower before, and it's on steroids or something.