Thursday, June 4, 2009

I wanna put on my-my-my-my-my boogie shoes

However it may seem from these photos, I do not have Parkinson's. I've just been working outside all day and my hands are tres wiggety.

Here are some of the irises at that crazy place--six acres, three of them planted in irises in almost every color you can imagine.
Do you see what I mean? Craziness. And those aren't even the wildest ones there. I was so overcome by the sheer volume that I didn't get enough pictures.

The people who run the joint--the Kaspareks--are super friendly. They have 1000 varieties of irises, 250 of which are developed by Brad Kasparek. He has won a number of awards for them--the Millenium Falcon being one. How the garden works is you wander around their property and pick out the varieties you want. Then you order them, and they dig them up when they're done blooming and give them to you the first week of August so you can plant them in time to get blooms possibly as soon as the next year. (Sorry about all the pronouns just then. I assume that you are all advanced enough in your ESL studies that you got the gist.) I plan to go back every year and buy some more, and thus beat my ditchbanks into submission.


Amy said...

Nice irises, and, even nicer that your eldest is contributing to the household chores! Oh, the true milestones of parenthood. The other day, the kids and I watched A Grand Day Out and I imagined you planning your your very own "cheese vacation getaway."

tipsybaker said...

I have seen a lot of irises, but none quite like that. The color combinations are extraordinary.

Sarah said...

Those are beautiful. Really, when we live in a place where they don't have "rules" about planting ANYTHING ANYWHERE, I'ma get me some'a those.

Matt and Emily said...

Whoah those are so pretty.