Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it should only take days and days to finish

I've got the walls painted in the former office/Pinga's future bedroom. And I was weak, and decided to tear up the floor. I was going to leave it, I really was! The tarpaper removal in the kitchen was so frustrating that I said NEVER AGAIN. But here I am, having learned nothing from my mistakes. At least it's coming up a little easier in this room. It's going to be beautiful when we're finished.
I don't have any before pictures, but anyone who's been to our house can tell you how truly horrifying the office was. It's where we stuff our clutter (shame hiding) whenever we have company, but then we always negate the good impression we've falsified by showing our guests all the shame we've hidden.


tipsybaker said...

Not to ignore the impressive floor work, but that lamp! It's like something out of Domino. I love it.

Sarah said...

Look at your pretty walls! You guys are cruisin', seriously. Oh man, though, good luck with the floors. I feel sorta sick for you - but then I'll be jealous when I see the finished results, so there's that.

All8 said...

Redo's are like giving birth. If we truly remembered, we wouldn't do it again, but here we are again racked with the pains (not to mention your knees or your shoulders), but consider the beautiful promise of tomorrow. (Unless you're like us, and you get so busy doing everything else that tomorrow seems never to come and then the Redo becomes severely Overdue.)

Can't wait to see pics of the tomorrow.

I "hid" all of the laundry, that needed to be folded, in the bathtub once. Never told our guests though.