Thursday, June 4, 2009

june 4, 2009

The other day we heard "If U Seek Amy," and we realized that Britney Spears is Bart Simpson's voice twin. Lucky!

I had no idea until today, but just down the road from us is an incredible bearded iris garden. I was telling my mom the other day that I can understand how people get crazy in the weave chair with the bearded irises, because they are so beautiful and hardy, and there is just amazing diversity. I'm going back there tonight with my mom to pick out my starts, and I'll see if I can take some pictures. Of course my boys won't let me NOT get the Millenium Falcon. I am just astounded by this place--I'll post more later after I've gotten back.

I broke my trowel this morning weeding the melons. Stupid rocks. But the garden lives! And we transplanted the ninebark, knock on wood. It was good and dark outside by the time we got it in the ground, and today it's all sad and limp and will probably die.


All8 said...

I love irises. My mother had some miniature ones that were white with purple edging, that smelled exactly like grape soda. Well, they did, until the darn goat ate them down over and over and they never came back. (Should have attached the log chain sooner. lol)

Definitely post pictures. I was driving one of the back roads a couple of years ago and on a high ledge that jutted out above a river was a blue iris growing all by it's lonesome.

Many old homesteads/farms still sport banks of irises that you'll see along the edges of the roads or out by old barns or where obvious house remains are. I always think of the people (probably the women) who planted them to bring a bit of home and beauty to their new lives out in the wild. A statement, saying, I was here and I left trailing beauty wherever I went. As silly as it is, it can make my heart ache at times just thinking about it.

All8 said...