Thursday, June 25, 2009

my love won't wait

Whenever I hear that "It's Now Or Never" Elvis song I always sing end up singing "Give me Cornettoooooo . . . from Waaaaall's Ice Cream!" It's John's fault, because he learned those lyrics on his mission in England. England has such great groceries.

Anyway, the lyrics aptly describe me. John is methodical and studious, carefully reads assembly instructions, and does exhaustive research before making any decision, while I, on the other hand, plow heedlessly ahead with no regard for consequences. That's how it came to pass that John came home from work one day a few years ago to find the carpet stripped from our dining room and half of our living room. And how he came home last week to find the fruit room's entire contents vomited out into the family room and the demolished shelves outside in the back of his truck. And it's how he is going to come home today to find that the office's guts have been moved onto the dining room table, and, if I'm lucky and work really hard, no carpet on the office floor.

He's going to be soooo excited! He LOVES to come home to find me in the middle of a huge remodeling project. But in my defense, I can't get any more filth out of the garage because I already filled the big garbage can with garage filth this morning, and anyway, a bunch of the stuff we don't want in the office has to go on the new shelves we're buying for the garage, so I'm just combining tasks. It will work out better in the end, I'm sure. Not that I stopped to consider that before I started pulling everything out. Because I won't wait.

Also I know that the inability to eat meals is the motivation we need to get the office cleaned.


Sarah said...

I often start stuff like that also, only I get so frustrated after a couple of hours (at best) that I finally throw my hands up in the air, "Forget it! Just put it all in the truck and take half of it to the DI and the other half to the dump." Good luck with the cleaning/dejunking/not eating


Wade would just love it if I would finish my projects!!!Whew you have a lot of energy!!!