Friday, June 12, 2009

the stars at night are big and bright (clap clap clap clap) and they control your future

This one time I was at the county fair and a lady carny asked me when my birthday was, and we got all embroiled in a conversation about whether or not I was a Cancer or a Leo, and I was like, "Look lady, I just want to go look at White Mountain the Giant Steer, so step off." Like a twelve-year-old girl wouldn't know her own astrological sign, I'm SO SURE.

I planted all my stuff according to the Farmer's Almanac astrological planting guide a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't water or weed anything, so I can't tell you if it worked. I think I might try it again, because I feel there might be something to it--I think I have Pagan leanings. To me the Earth is a living thing, and it makes sense that there would be better and worse times to plant crops, depending on the Earth's rhythms. At least that's what the tea leaves told me, but I'm going to have to cross-check it with the chicken feet.

I've toyed with the idea of making my own mayonnaise. What do you think? I know there are people out there who roll their own, and it does sound like the sort of stupid control freak thing I'd do.


tipsybaker said...

Are you talking about a one-time mayonnaise project, or a more ambitious mayonnaise endeavor in which you somehow bottle it like Miracle Whip?
I can recommend the former, know nothing of the latter.

All8 said...

My dad used to make his own mayonnaise when I was a kid, but as a (dolt) I refused to eat it. I would only eat Miracle Whip. Now, I only eat mayo and the thought of all of the mayo making training that I could have received makes me cringe with my own ridicule.

There used to be a (very) old couple here that would plant with the moon. Their garden was always huge, quite productive, and beautiful. But I wonder if that's because they had been gardening (and farming) their whole lives and knew a thing or two or if it was that wizened orb, the moon. Maybe both. You'd have to do a control too, just to make it a correct experiment.

richvm said...

You'd be pleased to know that I have switched my preferences from Miracle Whip (my whole life) to mayo (since I got pregnant with Kate)! And- we really like your PB! It isn't as spreadable as others, but we have just been eating it straight out of the jar- its like Reeses filling without the chocolate! Nummy! (This is Jenny)

Layne said...

Mayo is the best. I dig it the most.

And Richard says the PB is good with strawberry ice cream . . . we'll have to try that.