Tuesday, June 2, 2009

theft, rain, wood

So, some total waste of flesh person stole our debit card info and racked up a bunch of charges on Saturday morning. If you're interested, he or she is into, among other things, liquid diet drinks and teeth whitening. It's great to know that the thieves of today are still concerned about maintaining their outward appearance while the Dorian Graying of their souls proceeds apace.

I hate people.

We had a rainstorm last night, so our newly-raked hay could get all nice and wet again. A couple of weeks ago, a few hours before the last storm, our neighbor Keevin said, "Well, I'd better go get my hay cut so it will rain on my oats and corn." He knows. He knows that farming is a game of Russian roulette with the elements. He knows that you often have to pit your crops against each other in a cage fight, and hope that both of them come out somewhat recognizable. So although our hay is going to be ruined again, I'm thankful that my garden got a nice soaking, and that weeding is going to be so much easier today.

I think we're going to get a wood burning stove for next winter. AH! Earth murderer! But you can't beat it for rapture-proof radiant heat, which is something we're in the market for. And then I can pass on to my children the lessons I learned from woodcutting as a child, namely, that it sucks, and that coarse-ground Grey Poupon is much preferable to Dijon-style.


Sarah said...

Lame people and their stealing. Gross, I'm so frustrated for you. We had someone break our car window and steal my wallet one time, and I just felt SO violated. Who does that? Clearly, skinny people with white teeth.

All8 said...

Oh, man. That sucks, big time. I hope that the faux sugars kills their kidneys and causes at least enough brain deterioration to prevent them from from repeating this nefarious behavior. Or they could get hit by a bus, which ever.

Thank heavens for the rain. It should be here soon. Need to go plant the beans. Yeah, I'm still behind.