Saturday, July 25, 2009

at least I haven't cooked for anyone in the last few days ...oh, wait... CRAP

You will be interested to discover, as was I, that I have strep throat now. My working theory is that my immune system was shot from the bout of gomboo, and during this period I bad-touched a shopping cart or something. But I knew what I had when last night (while I was camping at a family reunion, natch) I realized that I would rather die than swallow. So, sorry extended Herd family, for going all Strep Throat Mary on you. I am medicating with amoxycillin and miso soup, which is a godsend at a time like this. Oh, bless you, fermented soybeans. I love you as much as I do the toilet bowl for being cool on the side.

I dated a boy in high school who always said "repelling" instead of "rappelling" when he was referring to the sport. But I was a bratty know-it-all and corrected him mercilessly until he stopped. I wonder if it stuck. He was a terribly nice guy with a great family, and he told me that once he was chasing his twin brother Rob up the stairs (they were fighting), and Rob kicked backwards and kicked Rich's ear almost completely off his head, and he had to get a crap-ton of stitches to reattach it. I was always skeptical, but now that I have sons of my own I no longer doubt his veracity.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'ma go gargle with magic mouthwash and take up to four ibuprofen.