Friday, July 3, 2009

bing crosby is a downer

Today we'll sand the floor, and before we return the sander we're going to tear up the carpet in the current bedroom/future office to make sure the floor is actually finished and doesn't need attention like the whiny baby we just unearthed.

Here is John, looking like a murderous fiend.

It's in sort of rough shape in there. I blame the tarpaper, which is an invention of Satan. But the stain we got is going to look really nice, I think. It's a darkish color, but hopefully not so dark that the dust will show up too much.

Yeah, it looks awesome. I don't even know why we're bothering to refinish it. We just like makework, I guess.

I hope to get the sanding and two coats of stain done before we head over to Logan. It would be nice to get the first coat of Varathane on there too, but seeing as how it's us doing the work, we'll be lucky to get it sanded.

I am so thankful that John stayed home from work yesterday to help, because I hit a really low point emotionally at about five in the afternoon, and I would have dissolved into hot, snotty tears of impotence if he hadn't been there to pull me out of my funk. I need to remember that when removing tarpaper, boiling water is your best friend.


All8 said...

Obviously, refinishing floors would make anyone look like a murderous fiend. (((HUGS))) from the Show-Me state headed your way.