Monday, July 13, 2009

getting my antioxidants from cauliflower

Remember this little guy?

Well, if you were wondering, the diatomaceous earth was all the way useless. I don't know how to get it up and under the head, which is where all the worms like to hang out. This is why people don't grow their own cauliflower--cleaning it is a good fifteen-minute chore. But once it's cleaned, it's buttery and delicious. I think I'll grow it again, because even though the sight of inchworms is rather unappetizing, it lends one's garden an air of respectability that tomatoes and zucchini can't match.

Speaking of which, I have some beautiful striped zucchini growing now, and we ate them for the first time last night. Thus begins that fantastic time of year in which people have to lock their car doors at church so they don't end up with a back seat full of zucchini.

Traci has been enjoying our garden as much as we have, since she gets the tops from all our carrots and beets and the leaves from the cauliflower. It makes up a little for the long lonely days with no one to bleat to.

In other news, I am wicked sick with something super unpleasant. Much of last night was spent writhing and groaning in a most indelicate fashion. Just in time for family reunion season, yay!