Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wanna shine on in the hearts of man

I've been harvesting actual food from our garden, it's crazy town! Here are my rat king carrots that were caught in a most compromising position:
Teenagers. Sheesh. They remind me that I'm thankful for how loose the garden soil is this year. And I have successfully forced myself into tolerating beets. I find that enough butter to obscure the taste of the beets is helpful.
The cauliflower is starting to look a little worse for wear, but it all comes on at once! I can't eat seven heads of cauliflower in a week!
Especially when I have combined swine flu/hantavirus. Here's how you know if you have swine flu: do you have a barking cough, or an oinking cough? That joke courtesy of John's uncle Jan. My hair was pretty crazy last week, too, with all the baths I was taking and lack of upkeep. John was very impressed and took a picture. I'm so flushed I look like Ted Kennedy.
We managed to get some sour cherry jam made amidst the deluge of sickness--poor John was my crummy little toady the whole week and had to do all manner of busywork, like tearing up carpet and picking a bucket of pie cherries. Note: pie cherries are not a lot of bang for your buck. Not like those sweet cherries I bought from the Barkers at twenty-five pounds for five dollars.
Then last night John and I were up until one o'clock assembling one of the pieces of furniture we got from Ikea during their phasing-out-this-line sale.
I need some closed storage for the office, and this will do nicely.

And our swamp cooler is up, so we're going to be eating Zucchini Parmigiana tonight. I'm stoked.


All8 said...

Let's see, I'm imagining, fresh carrots (and carrot cake with lovely cream cheese frosting), UM, composted beets (no butter necessary for that one), freeze the extra cauliflower.

Your jam looks lovely. I'm sure it tastes 'Oh So Good' too. Nothing beats fresh fruit jam. What kind of cherry pitter did you use? We've gotten to the point of just using our hands because the pitter takes off so much flesh (Martha's being the worst offender AND the most expensive for manual power).

Hope that you are really getting to feel better!

Sarah said...

I'd just like to say that pictures from a sick week at MY house would look less like delicious garden vegetables, jam, and new furniture, and more like my kids zoned out in front of the TV and 6 boxes of miscellaneous Take-out food.

I'm so glad you're not almost dead anymore.