Wednesday, August 5, 2009

birds turning into fish? now I've seen everything

I was making these cookies for our family reunion (this is what we spend much of our summer doing), and I was struck by their Escherian appearance. Hey, I'm a slatternly hausfrau. If I don't get jazzed about cookie dough and babies pooping in the tub, then I'm in for a lot of disappointment. Kidding! My job is totally fulfilling.

It is, you know. I especially love now that I'm coming out of the fog of toddlerhood a little bit and can see glimpses of what my varmints will be like as adults. FREAKING AWESOME is what.

When I was in college I registered for a class called "Goedel, Escher, Bach." (Not misspelled, I don't have umlauts.) From what I could glean from the syllabus it was meant to discuss the interwoven nature of art, music and mathematics. But I was not in a super learny phase of my college career, and once the five people in the room had exchanged names I was snowed. Totally out of my depth and felt like they were speaking a foreign language that was not Spanish, which I at least could have faked.

Oh! I just looked it up on the webernets, and I was wrong even about the purpose of the class! NOT about art, music and mathematics, YOU PROLE HOW DARE YOU DEFILE OUR LEARNING SPACE WITH YOUR IGNORANCE. Did I mention that I dropped that class?

I still love Escher, though. He's a righteous dude. And I think it would have been a tremendously stimulating class if I had been more "cognitively present," we'll call it.


All8 said...

I was just thinking about sugar cookie dough today. Maybe, just maybe I'm feeling a mite better.

Escher is great at reminding that even though we think it's something, it could be something else all together and to be open to the possibility.

Matt & Emily said...

I had to drop out of a class one of my last semesters too called the Science of Sound. It was so far beyond stuff I knew about that when I went to the book to try and catch up with what everyone else already knew & what the teacher expected everyone to know it was still way above me. I've never felt more out of the loop than I did in that class. I had to keep telling myself how "smart" I was for dropping the class :).

Mike said...

I had a very reasonable-sounding course during my MA that was sort of the opposite of this... except that it was 50% populated with students of a "Social & Political Thought" stream, who dominated the class with rambling discussions about philosophy, theory and topics we mere Lit students knew nothing about.

The other 50% dropped out within 2 weeks, except for me and some other die-hards who really, really wanted to get our MA over with.

mmm.chocolate said...

This sounds vaguely familiar. Pretty sure I registered for and then dropped this class too. Something in my mind tells me it was an honors class and involved a book about 6-inches thick.