Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm such a beefcake I can't even get through the door

I just spent the last three days with John in Salt Lake relaxing, buying clothes and kitchenware, watching movies and eating off the fat of the land. Which in Salt Lake means lots of restaurants. We did steak, Mexican, Chinese, German and wedding food (the guy cutting the prime rib sliced his hand and bled all over the meat--sad for him and we are maladjusted because we thought it was kind of cool). I ventured outside of my comfort zone and ate the serrano peppers in my share of the "Puntas de Filete a la Nortena" we ordered. John picked his out--wasted! By a girl!

One of the movies we saw was Terminator: Salvation (groan, what a smurfy name), because I like so much how I'm afraid of intelligent robots and the future where everywhere is Nevada, and I thought, why not compound my neuroses? Why not cradle them and sing them lullabies, while spoon-feeding them beefcake weight gain supplement and royal jelly? Well, mission accomplished! But I was thankful that they addressed the topic of whatever do people eat when the whole world is a sucky dust bowl (coyote), because I worry about those things. Like, what are they going to do in The Road after all the canned goods run out (maybe the bloodcults are just innovators)? I turned to John at the triumphant end of WALL-E when they find that live plant and said, "Um, that's bindweed." I saw those leaves. Not going to be growing fruit anytime soon.

In other news: IT'S PEACH SEASON! Go and get you some. I got some Glowhavens from Sumida's this morning that are, I am not lying to you, softball-sized. And can you believe that I'm selfless enough to save them to eat with our company tomorrow? It's true, I am better than other people.


Jill said...

Sounds like great fun! I know it took some doin to get the two of you out on a get away. Did you do a hotel or the cabin?..oh,and thanks for turning my thoughts to evil robots and coyote-cabobs on the weekend Mike is out of town. I'll never sleep now...

Layne said...

Glad to be of service.

We did the hotel, because we just got done with a cabin thing--hotel was the right choice. Thanks for giving John your input.

You might want to sleep with a knife under your pillow. Just saying.

Sarah said...

Um, yes, the peaches were THAT amazing. I can't believe you shared with us. Though, seriously, you'd be right crazy to attempt one on your own; they're the size of mini watermelons.