Tuesday, August 4, 2009

of shows I watch while I run

I guess my internal code of ethics is a little sketchy, because given these circumstances; a plane crashes on an island, lots of dead bodies beginning to rot in the fuselage, wild boars rooting around trying to eat the bodies--I'm thinking, well, problem solved. And the cherry on top is that once the boars have dealt with the sanitation issue, you can let them "process," we'll call it, the raw materials into ham and pork chops. Win-win, right? But it seems that since nobody else on the island even considered that option, I'm a sociopath. Whatevs. Just don't go on a pioneer trek with me.

Also: I'm trying barefoot running for variety, and it's fun. Tarahumara Indians, watch out.


Jenny said...

LOST? Where are you running barefoot? On a treadmill I hope.

Layne said...

Yeah--I'm not brave enough to try it outside yet.

And I decided that even though I didn't want to get involved in another hour-long show, I'm always needing stuff to watch while I run, so . . . here I go.

Amy said...

Well, if we are ever stranded on an island together, and I die, and you and/or your loved ones could benefit from the meat I've been so generously packing around for you these past few years. Please have at it. I won't mind a bit because I'm already dead. You want me in your boat, don't you?

Layne said...

This reminds me of that Oregon Trail computer game. I used to play it with my roommates, and it always made me mad that I couldn't choose to leave behind or eat the people who got fever or broken legs. Stupid societal mores.

Sarah said...

You're doing it. You're really going to entangle your life in Lost?! I'm so happy. :) Just be strong during the lame episodes and/or seasons because the last two seasons are totally worth the effort. Also? Great running material, I'd think. Oh, and your potatoes, squash, pumpkins, and cookies all look killa' awesome.