Wednesday, August 26, 2009

they draw near to me with their essential oils, but their packaging is far from me

I am a feedback person. I call companies all the time, telling them when I love or hate their product, and why. Sometimes they give me free stuff, but not always. Were I a huge, soulless corporation, I think it would be nice to hear legitimate feedback from an actual consumer of my product, because of course their opinion matters SO MUCH to me.

I just called the Mrs. Meyers people and told them that they should sell their shower cleaner in little packets of concentrate, like ketchup or something. Because their spray bottles are of sufficient quality to be re-used indefinitely, and recyclable or not, those big bottles are a ton of plastic and packaging waste. Wouldn't it be better to just dump a little packet in the bottle and add your own water? Tell me where I'm wrong. I think one barrier is that they'd have a more difficult time getting people to pay for the packet, because people are used to paying for a big spray bottle of water. Quantity, not quality. It's what America does best!

I think the girl thought I was a kook.


Unknown said...

Large detergent companies have known this for years -- the concentrated versions of Tide or Sunlight save them money on packaging and (most of all) freight out to retailers.

Sad thing is that shoppers still think they're getting a better value when they buy a gigantic box of soap that's the same price as the smaller package, despite the fact that they can do the same amount of laundry.

Layne said...

Also, I bet that people have a difficult time teaching themselves to add a smaller amount of the concentrate, and therefore end up buying even more soap. And Tide rubs its fingertips together and says "excellent!"