Tuesday, September 8, 2009

chick ride: low iron, lack of girlish bleeding--I WARNED YOU

I just went to give blood and I got REJECTED! Can you imagine how embarrassed I was? Like, not being able to do the thing that thousands of poor college students do for a free snack? Oh, those Lorna Doones. I am silly for them. I didn't get denied for AIDS or anything (knock on wood), but just because my hematocrit was too low. Common among women, the needle jockey says, "for obvious reasons." Hee. He didn't want to say period, because it's gross and girly. And Wikipedia concurs with him, mentioning that women of childbearing years lose a lot of blood during menstruation. Do tell.

But what if you don't menstruate? At least outwardly? Because I have an IUD that I lovelovelove (the Mirena--ask your doctor today), and since I got it two years ago I haven't had anything other than minor spotting every once in a while. It is the best ever and so worth every farthing. But if no bleeding, why low hematocrit? Grunt! Low hematocrit bad! I often have lowish iron, even though I eat red meat like a lioness and lots of iron-rich vegetables like . . . that animal that eats all the vegetables. You know the one I mean.

Why do I have low iron? Why does everything happen to meeeee?

I was wailing to John about my thwarted charity attempt, and how I didn't get my cookies, and he said I could have just gone over and gotten some anyway. Huh? I told him, "No, you have to pay for those cookies with blood!" and he seems to think that the little bit they took to test my hematocrit is enough for a package of cookies. Sigh. He just doesn't get it. It would be like saying I was a cancer survivor when all I did was get a mole removed. Lumping myself in with people who'd actually accomplished something. Well, I don't believe in committing medical fraud. I'm sorry, it's just the way I was raised.


Martha Ann said...

I was rejected once for being anemic and I didn't take it well. It was at my work place, in these little tent-like cubicles and everyone heard me say, "Anemic? I'm as big as a house eat red meat nearly everyday. How can I be anemic."

And of course, the blood tech, being a guy, didn't want to mention it could be my period.

V.L. Locey said...

That happened to me as well a time or two so don`t feel too badly! My MIL as well was rejected many times for the same reason.

tipsybaker said...

We're all such good people, giving blood. Happened to me too -- twice!
But your situation presents more of a medical mystery.

richvm said...

I was rejected because my veins simply don't bleed. They have to dig the needle around to even find a good vein and then it only bleeds for a minute. It is a traumatic experience every time I have to give blood and I cry every time. So the one time I tried to do good in college and found this out was my first time (before I knew how difficult my veins are) and when I was rejected you better believe I took the cookies AND the free t-shirt!- Jenny

Matt and Emily said...


All8 said...

My doctor told me Nevermore. So I feel all kinds of comfortable saying no and ignoring the guilt that my O- could save lots of lives because anybody with a -rh factor could use it.

I suggest pills, they save everybody and cure everything, don't they?