Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm a sucker for monty python animation

Here's what I'm doing to celebrate Labor Day: laboring in the kitchen a little bit to make some sour cherry peach jam. The cherries have been reclining in state in our freezers downstairs, growing ever more icy and brittle, and I need my cookie sheets back. Do you know, in the last little while I've occasionally had to wash a cookie sheet I just used, rather than get a clean one out of the cupboard? Gadzooks, what a world.

Yesterday I needed three big burners again, so I had to go outside and use the Camp Chef like a hillbilly. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when we had family over and Matthew made both red beans and rice and jambalaya, because he's a graduate of the same cooking school I am (the Cook for Twenty Institute of Higher Learning). We had all these burbling pots, and had to pull the Camp Chef into service. Meow! These first world concerns are really getting me down!

There are too many bands and too many people writing books. All the angsty, groany, wuss rock people who sing every song like they're making pooface are total downers. I don't know for sure which one of them was the first, but I'm cranky about how they're diluting rock and popular music into this aural bowel movement. And I find Franz Ferdinand to be refreshing, not like that dingus John Mayer who would probably write a grief ballad about overtweezing his eyebrows. Isn't he over? Why is he still getting airplay?

And if there weren't so many abysmal books being written by people who are a)famous and untalented, b)well-connected and untalented, or c)survivors of tawdry news stories and untalented, then maybe I could get some books for my children and myself that aren't going to make us stupider. Our library is so packed full of noise and traffic from all these crappy books that I can't find anything by Steven Kellogg or Robert McCloskey or even Chris Van Allsburg. What kind of monsters don't have The Devil's Storybook on hand? Who has only one copy of Old Yeller? COMMUNISTS, that's who.