Sunday, September 13, 2009

on the other hand I offer a bag that won't leak, and besides, it's got handles!

I agree with at least some of what I've read in this article so far. Wow. Ringing endorsement, that. But what she says makes sense--kids like to associate meals with happy memories, and they like repetition. And there are quite a few meals that we repeat, but some great meals have gotten mislaid or neglected, and I think I'm going to take her suggestion and put together a list of sure-thing meals. I've been keeping track of what we eat every night for dinner for the past few months or so, and I'll ask the kids for their opinions. Prediction:
Captain America: "Candy."
The Hulk: "Don't cook anymore."
Superman: "Candy."
Pinga: "I just peed on the floor again."

I'm excited about this! In other food-related news, I tried the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe again, because we loved it so much last time, except for this time we used goat meat and it is now the High Potentate of all our homemade Indian food. All the other Indian recipes we've tried are now fanning it with palm leaves and feeding it dates. Which are gross, but I hear some people like them (perverts). I felt like I was IN the Tandoori Oven (not a real oven). My naan was weak, but I'm just a silly white girl from Utah, so give me time and don't be hatin'. If you've eaten at the Bombay House in Provo (good) or Salt Lake (eh), or the the Indian Oven (restaurant) or Tandoori Oven (gas station) in Logan, you will make this food now. DO IT I SAID.


THE WILKER CLAN said... don't care for the bombay house...huuhh...guess know the rest p.s. made the cinnamon rolls they are the best and easy to make thanx for all the great recipes!!!

tipsybaker said...

I like that story. Except I get so BORED making pesto pasta and steak. And, of course, my happiness is what really matters. . .
No, I do agree. My daughter loves -- LOVES -- this particular cinnamon swirl bread, and I asked myself the other day, why don't I make this all the time? So I baked it today.