Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shut up, life

You know what? Of course this is happening. Of course the children are being enormous butts. Of course they're choosing today to forget any training in piano they've received. Of course they can't remember how to spell anything or construct a sentence or read. Of course the baby won't wear any clothes. Of course she takes her shirt off by pulling it down her waist and stepping out of it. Of course she knows how to take off her diaper. Of course she also figured out how to remove gaffer tape to get off that diaper too. Of course she peed on her rug for the second time in a week. Of course she has picked a bloody hole in her cheek. Of course the house is a frigging pigsty, because I only cleaned it once today, and that was before the ingrates came home to destroy it all. Of course I can't get a spare minute to deal with any of this, because I'm busy teaching piano lessons and making dinner, trying to have it ready by five.

And you know why it's happening? Because I volunteered to feed the missionaries. Because I'm such a service hog, and I just had to decide that it would be fun to cook a meal and let my boys see some young men who are serving others. Screw that noise. I'm going back to being selfish.


Jenny said...

Oh, you're a better person than I am for volunteering in the first place. Much of the rest of your day sounds a lot like mine. I need a spa day.

tipsybaker said...

I think you need to go back to "Nope. Can't."

highdeekay said...

The thing is, they are 19 year old boys. E-A-S-Y to impress. Pigsty? Still cleaner than their apartment I bet. Your boys will be entertained by them and they will entertain the missionaries (yes, I realize that the dinner is already over as I write this).

If it makes you feel much better, I spent the day doing two things. Wiping a constant snotty mess and crocheting millions of sunburst granny squares because I volunteered to make a beautiful afghan for some service hog I know. The squares should be done in the next week and then we'll talk about buying the yarn to put it all together. Sooo exciting.

See, don't you feel better?

Layne said...

THANKS, Heidi. Now I feel bad for complaining while my friend with a sick baby and husband does sweatshop labor on my trophy blanket.

You're rad and I love you and not just for the blanket.

And the missionaries got ditched by their baptism, so they didn't come. Reprieved, I guess. Want some fried chicken?