Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sticking it to big mason jar

I'm sorry to interrupt Beatles day with this trivial matter, but it will take a mere-shmear moment of your time. You don't like canned peaches, do you? Because you're not eight months old. It's okay, neither am I. But fresh peaches are the best! We want to eat them always until our body composition shifts to 70% peach slurry! What to do?

Well, my brainy sister-in-law Emily slices up her peaches, puts them in a bowl with some sugar and lets them macerate for a spell, then she scoops up peaches and juiciness into a zipper bag and freezes it. Then she can taste summer during the winter. Yeah, they get mushy, but so do canned peaches, and they don't even taste good.

Here's my spin of her idea: I wanted to vacuum seal the peaches, which means I couldn't scoop clumps of peach and juice, or the bags won't seal, as I've learned to my sorrow (I'm looking at you, sweet cherries). So I washed and sliced the peaches--no scalding for me, I just wash off the fuzz and call it good. I'm a busy girl, and who cares about a little skin? Not me. Next I laid them out on a lined cookie sheet, sprayed them with lemon juice and sprinkled them with sugar. Then off they went to the freezer for a few hours, at which point I will pull them off the cookie sheets and plop them into bags. I'll show you that step next time.

Now go buy some Beatles!


highdeekay said...

Brilliant! You know I love DIY "flash frozen" yumminess. You go girl!

Matt and Emily said...

Ooooh, yummy. I just love me some frozen peaches. Please let me know how they turn out.

Matt and Emily said...

Hey, what kind of peaches did you use? Is that your favorite?

Layne said...

I used Canadian Harmony, because they're fairly dense, nice and sweet, and almost over.