Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tv and children's games

I'm in the second season of Lost now, and I just saw the episode that shows how Charlie's brother sold his piano, and I am so furious about it. It's like "The Gift of the Magi" gone perversely awry. I shouldn't get so het up about TV, but having children brought my emotions even closer to the surface than they were before, when I just had my Herd genes making me cry at supermarket openings and whatnot.

Speaking of het up, when John and I used to play Boggle he would not believe that "het" was a word, or "het up" a legitimate phrase. It is, by the way. It's a colloquialism for "heated up," as in losing one's temper. And he spanked me at Boggle every dang time we played, so we don't play that anymore. I played Boggle like Scrabble, looking for words like "cuneiform," while John busily writing down 2- and 3-letter words and their plurals--a winning strategy, it turned out. And I always wasted him at Scrabble (which I submit to you takes more skill and word knowledge to win), so we don't play that anymore either.


Martha Ann said...

and Lost will just get better and better as you get deeper into the seasons. I never saw it when it was first on television and then got hooked on the DVDs from Netflix. I could watch them again.

This upcoming final season has a lot of questions to answer and I'm going to be so pissed it they wimp out with simplistic answers to some of the mysteries.

Go Smoke Monster!