Friday, September 4, 2009

when a problem comes along, you must whip it

Today is a day when I feel like a rad mom.

Last night at about nine o'clock while I was waiting for the milk to cool down so I could add the yogurt start, I decided I felt like making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe (except I used butter instead of vegetable oil), because like I said, it was about nine, and I couldn't very well call my mom for her recipe. If you call my parents after nine somebody had better be dead, or somebody's going to be. That's what happens to people who awake at four thirty so they can get about the business of working circles around everyone else. They become bitter and cling to their guns and early bedtimes. (Kidding about the guns and bitterness . . . hi, Mom!)

So I got up a half hour early and we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which means that I didn't have to resort to use of the pryin' bar to get my kids out of bed. They snarfed them down like pigs in slop, and it was a lovely, happy, conflict-less breakfast. A pretty small price to pay for peace at the table. I did cream cheese frosting instead of the maple glaze, because you know how that would have gone over with His Royal Whineness The Hulk--like a lead balloon is how. But I'm going to do some experimentation with the rest of the batch, because there is a grundle of dough left.

Speaking of The Hulk, last night I made him help me make the dumplings (it was a choice between that and cleaning the basement), and he says, "I never knew that dumplings are just dough!" (Lie.) "I bet I'm going to find out that I like them." Which of course he did, because he had decided to. And because they are delicious, just like I said they would be. GLOBBY BISCUITS.

Two food successes in two days. That's good Billy. Tonight I'm making the zucchini tamal that Tipsy test drove, because Captain America loves tamales, and I've tried to pass it off as a tamale in a pie pan. Prediction: everyone hates it but me.


Jill said...

You should have him help you make all the food he hates! I remember (and maybe I mentioned this already) that I HATED meatloaf until I helped my Mom make it. It was only then that I could positively verify that she did NOT add rubber to the recipe. I think I was 5 at the time.

Layne said...

Oh, I've tried that. This is just the first time it's worked. But I will take the successes where I can.