Monday, September 21, 2009

zoo reportkien

Hey--just a quick note to say that our beach house is great, and we will be buying Pain au Chocolat on Wednesday. The zoo did rock, and the lions were all hopped up on goofballs about their new habitat and were wrasslin' and charging the glass and pawing it, trying to eat all the eager/spooked children. The cheetahs were excited too, and the polar bear came right up and plopped next to the glass after he took a minute to urinate in his swimming hole. They are yooge, by the way, even bigger than grizzly bears according to the zoo display (but they didn't have any grizzly bears there, and I bet Kodiak bears are pretty big, and probably crafty and make up in ferocity what they lack in size).

One unpleasant note--the sea otter, which often is my favorite animal, seemed to be busily eating something pink, but it turns out that he was anxiously engaged in an activity best conducted in private, and I don't mean voiding his bowels. We even recorded some of it before we caught on to his little scheme. And that's why we will never have an otter president. No self-control.


V.L. Locey said...

Sounds like you`re having a wonderful time, even with a naughty sea otter!

richvm said...

Not sure exactly where you guys are vacationing but it sounds fun and good to know they serve otter pops!