Tuesday, October 6, 2009

an announcement that will change the world as long as "the world" means "my standard cookie recipe"

This is a very important day. You know how I've been laboring lo, these many moons to create an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe with no refined flour or sugar, right? Read that last part in King Julian's voice.

Well, it has given me no end of problems! Here's what I need from a cookie:
1. not too thick
2. not cakey
3. gooey center
4. crispy edges.
Here's what I got:
1. soggy
2. cakey

SO maddening. I've made, if not hundreds, then tens of batches of cookies in the last year, and all of them have been failures. But last night I think I whipped it. I'm going to make sure, and I will post the recipe once I know. Not that anyone has my crusade-intensity need for this recipe, but it's a good one.


tipsybaker said...

Don't be so sure we don't share your need for this recipe. I am eager to try it.
(I would use lard.)

highdeekay said...

fabulous! thanks for being the scout, blazing the trail, making the map and then allowing us lazy pioneers to just follow.