Monday, October 12, 2009

barfing in the store is the mostest fun

Something I miss about living in and around more people is having someone to go shopping with. Today I had to go buy some "business casual" attire, of which I own none, for a thing John and I are doing on Friday. Jeans and dresses are what I have to offer. Stacy London would be ashamed of me having been hit by the frump truck, I'm sure, but I can't feed animals and garden and cook in business casual. Some could, I'm sure, but they're probably not crashing slobs.

So off I went with my three youngest to hunt and gather an outfit. They did the best they could, but they couldn't give any really useful criticism. Just "you look pretty good!" or sticking their tongues out.

I guess I'm part of the system now, because I bought three shirts, and all of them are those maternity chic smocky looking things that everyone wears. I've held out for such a long time, but they're starting to look normal to me now. Next thing you know I'll be in skinny jeans and mukluks (shudder). And all this could have been avoided if I had a nice girlfriend whose advice I trusted to come with me. The simpler life has its drawbacks.


highdeekay said...

so what did you end up buying for Friday? I thought I'd just wear a skirt and blouse and flats (per the suggestion to avoid heels). Now you've got me re-thinking. Our trip (with Eden) today to Nashville has me re-thinking the whole thing frankly. I'm tired. Wah, wah, me. We seriously might be leaving miss Eden though. ugh. Ok, I really must go to bed before I really start whining.

Layne said...

You know how I won't wear a skirt unless forced, and I hate how I look in a skirt and flats. I've decided this after my experiment this summer. I got some slacks (is this still a word?) but have yet to find a suitable blouse (see above, re: word?).

Neglectful Selfish Mommy says: Leave Eden home! If you can find a good babysitter, which I bet you can. Then you can have a lovely relaxing weekend and be totally irresponsible with us at the Piggly Wiggly.

tipsybaker said...

Skirt and flats -- very hard to pull off. Not calf- or ankle-slimming. I no longer even attempt. Skirt and flat boots can work, though.
Slacks. My sister now calls them "trousers" but that sounds too masculine to me. Pants. Or slacks.
Blouse is a pretty word. Good luck!