Monday, October 19, 2009

'cause a whole lotta woman needs a whole lot more

Not really looking my best, but give me a break. We got up at 4:30 to get to the airport and I had to make do.

You guys. I'm contaminated. We went shopping in Camden or Columbia or some town in South Carolina, and I bought skinny jeans and boots. Jill is SUCH an enabler. I think I carry them off about as well as any pear-shaped mother of four can hope to. I still maintain that skinny jeans and flats look stupid on anyone but the very boniest of girls, and I need no evidence beyond that of my own senses to prove it. Big girls may have curves in all the right places, but that doesn't mean we can wear flats with tapered-leg pants. Curse you, saddlebags! Someday when I stumble into a lake of oil and doubloons I'll buy these Frye boots that I need like a hole in the head but I need the cards, but for now I'm happy with the boots I got.

The South is a lovely place. More in a bit.


richvm said...

Love it! I still may cave and go to Kohl's and get my own. I just can't decide- it looks so fun. Oh, wait! Maybe I can't anymore since we had to pay that horrendous parking garage ticket! Oh. my. gosh.-Jenny

Layne said...

Wait--are you talking the hideous ninety dollar charge, or something else on top of that? Because if it's just the charge, VM is paying for that. John was kicking himself, because he could probably have parked in long term and still made it, and he hates costing VM money.

highdeekay said...

That was seriously such a fun time! I'm so glad everyone made it!

Jill said...

First of all you are darling...especially with that lovely green hutch tied around your neck...(I honestly still can't remember what it's called!) Secondly, I think you could pull off any look...
Thirdly, I went out today but still couldn't find my boots
Fourthly, while I was out I tried a pumpkin spice frapachino (sp?) YUM! ( If I had had your cell programed into my phone I would have called right then so you could hear me sucking down the deliciousness)
And fourthly, That trip was so much fun!!! I miss everyone. My kids don't make me laugh nearly as much. :-)


you look GREAT!!!