Tuesday, October 27, 2009

doubleplus ungood!

Maybe I'm overreacting, because when I hear the word "mandatory" in conjunction with "there is a new law because clearly we have so much time and money and nothing to do with it" I get cranky. But why would San Francisco be encouraging--and legislating--incorrect composting procedures? Perhaps the newspaper wasn't able to go into detail about which food waste is truly banned, but I have read over and over that meat and grease and eggs should never be composted, because it ruins your compost and attracts pests.

What they need to do is give everyone a flock of laying hens. I hardly compost anything anymore, because my chickens are so greedy.

Anyone who knows what's really going on, please educate me.


tipsybaker said...

I actually think this is a good thing -- it makes me cringe when I watch people throw food waste into the garbage can, which most do, unless they grind it up in their sink disposals. That "all food waste" line is strange. Is it possible that composting on a vast scale the City can deal with meat scraps?

Layne said...

That's what I was wondering--maybe you don't get skunks and raccoons when it's inside a building?

All8 said...

Meat, fats and bone can be composted but it takes a tremendous amount of heat. Plus it takes longer to break down than vegetable matter. So you end up with everything vegetable composted before the fats, meats, and certainly bone. Can't imagine the size of building it would take to compost for a city the size of San Fran. I doubt a building could keep Rats out though.

To be honest this sounds like just more legislation that will be quiet hard to enforce, not to mention cost prohibitive; but h*ll it sure looks good on someone's record to have passed. YKWIM?!