Thursday, October 22, 2009

nobody dresses as mother teresa

Halloween's coming up.

John and I have an interfaith marriage--he's always going on about how Halloween celebrates evil and he is a total downer at a ritual sacrifice. I do see his point--for me, Halloween is primarily about fun-size Butterfingers, and secondarily about dressing trampy, but there does seem to be a large percentage of the population that has decided that the way to observe this innocent Pagan holiday is to act like creepy sociopaths. Nasty! Let me dress like a naughty French maid in peace, won't you?

Last year I was a witch, and I was thinking I would repurpose my witch dress and be either a dementor or the Ghost of Christmas Future (same diff), but nah. But then I was stumped for a different idea. I thought we could go as KISS--John obviously being Gene Simmons, I'm Paul Stanley, Captain America is Ace Frehley, The Hulk is Peter Criss, Superman and Pinga are roadies--but I didn't want to ruin my good snow boots by painting silver teeth on them. I'd like to be a superheroine, but to look good it requires purchase of a costume from one of those theme stores, and that violates my personal code of ethics. And remember how I bought that awesome Russian furry coat from the D.I., and I was going to be Agent XXX? Well, the accessories (leggings, mukluks, fur hat, gun, Carly Simon CD) killed it. I don't like buying stuff I can't reuse. Also I don't have the same hair as Barbara Bach.

But then I went to Smith and Edward's and found some yellow rain pants for ten bucks, score, and I think I'll be a Jooky Sea Captain. Boring! But I do look pretty hot in them.

What are y'all going to be for Halloween? Come, share.


Jill said...

We have an annual Halloween party at my Mom's house. It's actually this Sat...and I have NO idea what we are going to be...wait, Mike is ALWAYS a nerd, but the rest of us have not a clue. What a loser Mother I am this Halloween!

richvm said...

Guess what? I still have your frankensteins bride costume!!!!! I am the worst friend ever! I'll get it to you- I've just so enjoyed hanging on to it for 3 years (maybe 4?)- I'm sooooo sorry. I'll probably just be the same old boring witch I usually am becuase I have a sweet black choir dress from college. My 3 youngest are going to be indians and Landon wants to be a blow-up sumo wrestler. I have the indians, but have no idea about the sumo suit. Times a wastin', but I'll wait till the last possible minute, I'm sure. Post pics of your costumes!

highdeekay said...

Years ago (long before marriage) I bought a cute little lady bug costume for like $2. Well, Eden is just the right size for it this year so she will be a lady bug. I've made Phil a couple extra sets of black arms and so he is dressing in all black and going as a spider. I'm rounding out the insect family as a butterfly. I'm still trying to decide whether I'll have the appropriate six appendages or just be satisfied with the four I already have. Probably the latter. I bought wings at the dollar store. I have a skirt with butterflies all over it so I'll just wear that (and a shirt) and done. So lazy this year.