Tuesday, November 10, 2009

in which I am pleasantly surprised by the lack of tantrums

Some conversations that were had concerning the spring rolls we ate for dinner:
Captain America: "I don't like these. I tried them, though!"
The Hulk: "I think I would probably have left out the chicken and the carrots, but they're good. Can I just eat one more velociraptor bite and be done?"
Superman: "Mom, you know those things we ate that had the rice noodles in them? Can I have one of those for lunch tomorrow?"
Pinga: "Uh bite dat!"
John: "I would never order these from a restaurant, but I like them. They are . . . unfamiliar."
Me: "I ate three of them. It was hard for me to stop."

Many thanks to the proprietress of the Asian Market in Ogden who steered me toward the correct rice noodles. I almost chose the angel hair size instead of the spaghetti size! CAN YOU IMAGINE! She was great--"Uh, you can use those noodles, but they're the wrong kind." Noodles are the best. Unless they're from these people. Never again.


Jill said...

ah...I would have eaten four and then we could have raved together...When we all live in our commune, you cook, and I'll do the dishes. :-)

tipsybaker said...

Anything with peanut sauce is impossible for me to stop eating. That's a great post about the reactions.