Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lisa, you're promoted to bart

Man, kings are always wanting a flying ship, or somebody to eat a mountain of bread, or somebody to drink a lake of wine,or imprisoning their daughters in a castle made of glass. Kings are the worst!

Tonight after I got home from Fat Fighters everyone wanted a treat. The Hulk chose to unload the dishwasher rather than eat a piece of apple pie.

I'm really full, because I ate a bowl of soup and two breadsticks, and also half a piece of pumpkin pie and a bite of apple pie already, but I'm still going to eat a goodly amount of my Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino ice cream. Just try and stop me, why don't you?

I never thought I'd get tired of buying my kids toys, but I am. Tired of it, I mean. Really tired.

Today Captain America was telling me something, and I couldn't even listen to him, he was so darn cute. I hugged him and told him I wanted to pinch his little cheeks. Then he repaid me for the compliment by dinking around downstairs and not cleaning up the Legos. Parenting lesson learned: do not compliment a child, or call attention to good behavior.

I really miss Domino. It failed and they gave me Cookie instead, which failed. Now the only "home and lifestyle" magazines I have left are BH&G and Country Living, which are old lady magazines, and I am not an old lady. Would an old lady jump off the couch onto a giant beanbag? Didn't think so. I do have a mean case of rheumatoid arthritis, though.

John refuses to vote in the comments, so the cooking class question is now a poll on the sidebar.