Thursday, December 10, 2009

bustin' makes me feel good

The salad with a warm bacon dressing and the second batch of poached eggs because of clumsy me. I love eggs with greens.

These were our amuse-bouche. He even called them that, irony-free. It was thin slices of baguette spread with tapenade. Fine.

Potato caterpillars, or Truffle Pommes Dauphine if you don't like that imagery. You take pate a choux (cream puff dough) and mix it with some mashed potatoes, put it in a piping bag and pipe it in pieces into hot oil, where the pieces bobble around until they are golden brown. Texturally they're sort of like a cheetoh ate mashed potatoes, which doesn't sound good, but is.

Potato and leek gratin. Very good, unsurprising. Our teacher mentioned doing a gratin with apples and sweet potatoes, which I'm finally crazy enough to be interested in.

And this . . . this was the Steve Perry in our Journey meal. A superb medium-rare flat iron steak sliced thinly crosswise and perfectly sauced.

The apple and walnut upside down cake which for some unknown reason he served right side up. Not beautiful, but I swear to you that the fresh ginger in the cake is enough to give you religion.

Someone come eat at my house so I can make this meal again!


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