Monday, December 7, 2009

I think our teacher didn't like our phat beats, though

I had such a terrific time at my cooking class! The food was incredible, and I got to use the sharpest knife--it's one of the the new Henckels Miyabis, and I diced the garlic and shallots soooo tiny! The cutting boards were that dark gray composite stuff that seems too hard for knives you care about--like those horrid glass cutting boards which you should NEVER EVER USE--but I guess they know what they're talking about. I also poached the eggs for the salad (two batches--I didn't get the first batch out in time FAIL EMBARRASSING) which was very helpful--all this time I thought I'd been poaching eggs incorrectly, but it turns out that they're just messy like that. We put a bunch of fresh ginger in the batter for the upside down cake, and it was a revelation. I'd never considered fresh ginger for that application, and I'll never go back. I've got the knobby little bugger on hand anyway, so it may as well diversify its portfolio.

As soon as I figure out how to get pictures off my phone I can show you each of the dishes we made, but I can tell you that all the browsing holiday shoppers and the clerks' weird friends who were hassling them and making them appear spacey and unprofessional were very jealous of what we were eating. Little potato thingies that looked just like blond woolly bear caterpillars, for instance. Those were the Truffle Pommes Dauphine, which sounds slightly more delicious than potato caterpillars. I need more people in my family, but not kids. Except adventurous ones that will eat whatever I tell them to.

My sister's lovely and well-behaved baby was blessed yesterday, and I brought a strawberry cream pie that nobody ate. John thinks I overestimate people's love for pie. Is this so? I prefer a fruit pie to a cream pie, but still. Pie is good, isn't it? Isn't it often better than cake?


tipsybaker said...

I love pie, but people don't seem to go for it. Why is that? Is it because it's messier than cake? I would always rather have pie than cake.