Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm kind and generous to the rich . . . I often laugh at toilet humor

Things the stray cats will not eat:
1. buns from stale Subway sandwiches
2. chicken and rice

The gouda is working, I guess.

The cheese wheels in their high-tech aging cave.

Me washing the cheese in The Kitchen where Christmas Threw Up. I'm wearing Justine's ring that she left here when she washed my dishes (jealous?) after we made fudge, but it's only so I can remember to give it to her, not because I'm stealing it. Pinky swear.

When I think of eating one of the wheels a year from now it sort of blows my mind. No wonder good cheese is so expensive, y'all. Here are the cheeses I took to Christmas dinner:
Buche--goat cheese, mildish, a good one for people who don't like goat cheese
Delice de Bourgogne--in the Brie family tree, but much better, smooth and buttery with just a hint of pepper
Reypenauer Gouda--so freaking good, aged for a year, sweet and tangy
Roaring Forties--still awesome, but if you like a mild blue you had better eat it with a quickness before it ages too much
Manchego--sheep are good, especially with quince jam